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TRI-MANIA DC: Competitive events offering an early season test of your endurance

TRI-MANIA features a variety of competitive events to get you pumped for the new season. We've got events for teams and individuals plus terrific prizes and a fun atmosphere. All events take place at Georgetown Prep, site of the TRI-MANIA Summit and Expo. RESULTS from this year's events can be found here:

Each of these events require a fee to participate.  See below for details.


Newton RunningStart the day with a 5k run on the campus of Georgetown Prep by signing up for The Newton Running Campus Dash. This run begins and ends on the Georgetown Prep outdoor track with 2 loops around campus in between. The Campus Dash starts at 9:00am and registration begins at 8:00am. Prizes from Newton Running to be announced.

The awards presentation from this event will take place from the Newton Running booth on the TRI-MANIA expo floor at 10:30am.  Keynote speakers Timothy O'Donnell and Mirinda Carfrae will also be running in this event and participate in the post-race awards ceremony from the Newton Running booth.



BonzaiIndoor CompuTrainer time trials (TT) offer great off-season competitive bike racing. Riders race on their own bikes which are affixed to CompuTrainers that simulate riding on the open road... you'll "freewheel" on the downhill and feel the tension increase as you climb the hills built into the course.

Riders in the Bonzai Indoor TT will hook their bikes up to CompuTrainers set up on the TRI-MANIA expo floor and ride side by side facing a large screen showing the course profile, each rider's position on the course, and each rider's race data including distance, elapsed time, and power. The Bonzai Indoor Time Trial is a 10k race and prizes will be awarded for the following:
  • 1st Place Fastest Male and Female: $50 gift certificate from Bonzai
  • 2nd Place Fastest Male and Female: $35 gift certificate from Bonzai
  • 3rd Place Fastest Male and Female: $25 gift certificate from Bonzai
  • 1st Place Team: $40 gift certificates from Bonzai for each member of the team
  • 2nd Place Team: $25 gift certificates from Bonzai for each member of the team

To enter as a team you must sign up for the Team Challenge... see below for details. 





The EnduraFit Team Challenge is a competition designed for clubs looking for their first team event of the season. The Team Challenge is comprised of the following 3 competitive events:

  • The Campus Dash
  • The Bonzai Indoor Bike Time Trial (TT)
  • The Bonzai Relay Team Swim Challenge

Register your team for the Team Challenge and you'll be entering a team of 4 into each of these competitive events... teams may enter the same 4 members in all 3 competitive events or up to 12 different members (i.e. 4 different people in each of the 3 competitive events).

EnduraFit MMThe times of each individual member in an event is combined to form a Team Time. The Team Time from all three individual events will then be combined to form an Overall Team Time... the team with the fastest Overall Team Time will be crowned the Team Challenge Champion! Prizes to be announced will be awarded to the top 3 teams based on Overal Team Time.

In a surprise twist announced via video, four lucky teams registered for the EnduraFit® Team Challenge will have IRONMAN champions and keynote speakers Mirinda Carfrae and Timothy O’Donnell join them for the run or swim legs of the Challenge.  The lucky teams will be determined in a random drawing the week leading up to the event.  Tim and Rinny will compete for these teams as either the 4th member of the team in the given event or as a 5th member of the team -- if competing as the 5th member, event management will determine the Team Time for the team in the event by taking the 4 fastest times of the 5 members (this way, winning Rinny and Tim's services doesn't force a team to "bump" one of it's members who was planning to race).

BELOW: 3x Team Challenge Champion: Team Snapple (also featured in this picture is 6x Ironman World Champion Dave Scott, 2012 TRI-MANIA DC Keynote Speaker)

Team Challenge Champ 2012